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Convert pa`anga to Euro

pa`anga to Euro convertion. Pa`anga price in Euro today on currency exchange market.
10 Pa`anga = 3.73 Euro

The exchange rate of pa`anga to Euro has an average value from all sources. Information on the conversion of the pa`anga to Euro is updated once a day. Currency exchange in official banks and online banks. 1 Pa`anga is 0.37 Euro. 1 pa`anga rose by 0 Euro. The pa`anga rate increased against Euro by 0 hundredths of a percentage point.


Exchange rate Pa`anga to Euro

Three months ago, pa`anga could be sold for 0.37 Euro. A year ago, pa`anga could be bought for 0.39 Euro. Five years ago, pa`anga can be exchanged for 0.39 Euro. The change of the exchange rate of pa`anga to Euro for the week is 0.72%. Over the month, pa`anga to Euro exchange rate changed by 2.42%. -4.7% - change in the exchange rate of pa`anga to Euro per year.

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   Exchange rate pa`anga (TOP) to Euro (EUR) live on Forex exchange market

Currency converter Pa`anga Euro

Pa`anga (TOP) to Euro (EUR)
10 pa`anga 3.73 Euro
50 pa`anga 18.67 Euro
100 pa`anga 37.33 Euro
250 pa`anga 93.34 Euro
500 pa`anga 186.67 Euro
1 000 pa`anga 373.35 Euro
2 500 pa`anga 933.37 Euro
5 000 pa`anga 1 866.73 Euro

Today, you can convert 10 pa`anga for 3.73 Euro. If you have 9.33 Euro, then in Austria they can be sold for 25 pa`anga. Today 18.67 EUR = 50 TOP. Today, you can convert 100 pa`anga for 37.33 Euro. Today, 250 pa`anga can be bought for 93.34 Euro. Today, 186.67 Euro can be sold for 500 pa`anga.

   Pa`anga to Euro exchange rate

Pa`anga to Euro today at 17 June 2021

Date Rate Change
17.06.2021 0.371827 0.001859 ↑
15.06.2021 0.369968 -0.001443 ↓
14.06.2021 0.371412 0.00071 ↑
13.06.2021 0.370702 -
12.06.2021 0.370702 3.59 * 10-5

Today at 17 June 2021, 1 pa`anga costs 0.371827 Euro. 15 June 2021, 1 pa`anga costs 0.369968 Euro. 14 June 2021, 1 pa`anga = 0.371412 Euro. The maximum pa`anga to Euro exchange rate for the last month was on 17.06.2021. The minimum pa`anga to Euro exchange rate for the last month was on 15.06.2021.

   Pa`anga to Euro exchange rate history

Pa`anga and Euro currency symbols and countries

Pa`anga currency symbol, Pa`anga money sign: T$. Pa`anga State: Tonga. Pa`anga currency code TOP. Pa`anga Coin: seniti.

Euro currency symbol, Euro money sign: €. Euro State: Austria, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Andorra, Belgium, Vatican, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Finland, France, Montenegro, Estonia. Euro currency code EUR. Euro Coin: eurocent.