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Convert Thai baht to yen

Thai baht to yen convertion. Thai baht price in Yen today on currency exchange market.
1 Thai baht = 4.19 Yen

The exchange rate of Thai baht to yen has an average value from all sources. Information on the conversion of the Thai baht to yen is updated once a day. Information about the exchange of currency given from open sources. 1 Thai baht is now 4.19 yen. 1 Thai baht rose by 0 yen. Thai baht costs today 4.19 yen.


Exchange rate Thai baht to Yen

A month ago, Thai baht could be bought for 0 yen. Six months ago, Thai baht can be exchanged for 0 yen. Three years ago, Thai baht could be bought for 3.51 yen. Chart of the exchange rate is on the page. 0% per week - the change in the exchange rate of Thai baht. Over the month, Thai baht to yen exchange rate changed by 0%.

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   Exchange rate Thai baht (THB) to Yen (JPY) live on Forex exchange market

Currency converter Thai baht Yen

Thai baht (THB) to Yen (JPY)
1 Thai baht 4.19 yen
5 Thai baht 20.95 yen
10 Thai baht 41.90 yen
25 Thai baht 104.74 yen
50 Thai baht 209.48 yen
100 Thai baht 418.96 yen
250 Thai baht 1 047.40 yen
500 Thai baht 2 094.81 yen

Today, 41.90 yen can be sold for 10 Thai baht. Today 25 THB = 104.74 JPY. If you have 209.48 yen, then in Japan you can buy 50 Thai baht. You can exchange 100 Thai baht for 418.96 yen. Today 250 THB = 1 047.40 JPY. You can exchange 500 Thai baht for 2 094.81 yen.

   Thai baht to Yen exchange rate
   Thai baht to Yen exchange rate history

Thai baht and Yen currency symbols and countries

Thai baht currency symbol, Thai baht money sign: ฿. Thai baht State: Thailand. Thai baht currency code THB. Thai baht Coin: satang.

Yen currency symbol, Yen money sign: ¥. Yen State: Japan. Yen currency code JPY. Yen Coin: sen.