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UN exchange rates data at 23/01/2020 08:29

Convert pa`anga to yuan

pa`anga to yuan convertion. Pa`anga price in Yuan today on currency exchange market.
1 Pa`anga = 3.01 Yuan

Average exchange rate. Information on the conversion of the pa`anga to yuan is updated once a day. Updated currency rate information. 1 Pa`anga is now 3.01 yuan. 1 pa`anga rises by 0 yuan. For 1 pa`anga now you need to pay 3.01 yuan.


Exchange rate Pa`anga to Yuan

Three months ago, pa`anga can be exchanged for 3.07 yuan. A year ago, pa`anga could be sold for 2.99 yuan. Three years ago, pa`anga could be bought for 3 yuan. The exchange rate of the pa`anga to yuan can be seen on the chart. The change of the exchange rate of pa`anga to yuan for the week is 0.16%. 0.57% - change in the exchange rate of pa`anga to yuan per year.

Hour Day Week Month 3 months Year 10 years
   Exchange rate pa`anga (TOP) to Yuan (CNY) live on Forex exchange market

Currency converter Pa`anga Yuan

Pa`anga (TOP) to Yuan (CNY)
1 pa`anga 3.01 yuan
5 pa`anga 15.04 yuan
10 pa`anga 30.08 yuan
25 pa`anga 75.20 yuan
50 pa`anga 150.39 yuan
100 pa`anga 300.78 yuan
250 pa`anga 751.95 yuan
500 pa`anga 1 503.90 yuan

You can buy 30.08 yuan for 10 pa`anga. Currency converter now gives 75.20 yuan for 25 pa`anga. Currency converter today for 50 pa`anga gives 150.39 yuan. If you have 300.78 yuan, then in PRC they can be exchanged for 100 pa`anga. Today 751.95 CNY = 250 TOP. Today, 500 pa`anga can be exchanged for 1 503.90 yuan.

   Pa`anga to Yuan exchange rate

Pa`anga to Yuan today at 23 January 2020

Date Rate Change
23.01.2020 3.005695 -0.00131 ↓
22.01.2020 3.007004 0.011921 ↑
21.01.2020 2.995083 0.004118 ↑
20.01.2020 2.990966 -0.001516 ↓
19.01.2020 2.992481 -

1 pa`anga to yuan is now on 23 January 2020 - 3.005695 yuan. Pa`anga to yuan on 22 January 2020 is equal to 3.007004 yuan. Pa`anga to yuan on 21 January 2020 is equal to 2.995083 yuan. The maximum pa`anga to yuan rate for the last month was on 22.01.2020. The minimum TOP/CNY rate in was on 20.01.2020.

   Pa`anga to Yuan exchange rate history

Pa`anga and Yuan currency symbols and countries

Pa`anga currency symbol, Pa`anga money sign: T$. Pa`anga State: Tonga. Pa`anga currency code TOP. Pa`anga Coin: seniti.

Yuan currency symbol, Yuan money sign: ¥. Yuan State: PRC. Yuan currency code CNY. Yuan Coin: fen.