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BitCoin price updated: 10/08/2022 03:47

Convert Omani rial to bitcoin

Omani rial to bitcoin convertion. Omani rial price in Bitcoin today on currency exchange market.

Omani rial to BitCoin exchange rate today

10 000 Omani rial (OMR) equals 1.11 bitcoins (BTC)
10 000 bitcoin (BTC) equals 89 967 166.17 Omani rial (OMR)
Foreign exchange rate updated 2 bitcoin exchange markets on 10/08/2022
exchange rate Bitcoin exchange rate online today Bitcoin price history in 2022
Exchange Market Maximal Minimal Average rate
kraken 0.000113 BTC 0.000109 BTC 0.000111 BTC
cex 0.000113 BTC 0.000109 BTC 0.000111 BTC
Bitcoin - peering electronic payment system that uses the same name for the unit of accounting. It is also called "digital currency" or "cryptographic currency".

Currency converter Omani rial Bitcoin

Omani rial (OMR) to Bitcoin (BTC)
10 000 Omani rial 1.11 bitcoin
50 000 Omani rial 5.56 bitcoin
100 000 Omani rial 11.12 bitcoin
250 000 Omani rial 27.79 bitcoin
500 000 Omani rial 55.58 bitcoin
1 000 000 Omani rial 111.15 bitcoin
2 500 000 Omani rial 277.88 bitcoin
5 000 000 Omani rial 555.76 bitcoin

If you have 10 Omani rial, then in Internet they can be sold for 0.001112 bitcoin. If you have 0.002779 bitcoin, then in Internet they can be sold for 25 Omani rial. Today, 50 Omani rial can be exchanged for 0.005558 bitcoin. If you have 100 Omani rial, then in Internet they can be exchanged for 0.011115 bitcoin. You can exchange 250 Omani rial for 0.027788 bitcoin. Currency converter today for 500 Omani rial gives 0.055576 bitcoin.

   Omani rial to Bitcoin exchange rate
   Omani rial to Bitcoin exchange rate history

Omani rial and Bitcoin currency symbols and countries

Omani rial currency symbol, Omani rial money sign: ر.ع.. Omani rial State: Oman. Omani rial currency code OMR. Omani rial Coin: baiza.

Bitcoin State: Internet. Omani rial currency code BTC. Bitcoin Coin: centi-bitcoin.