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Convert kina to yen

kina to yen convertion. Kina price in Yen today on currency exchange market.
1 Kina = 32.03 Yen

Information on the conversion of the kina to yen is updated once a day. Currency exchange in official banks and online banks. Information on the exchange rate is reference. Kina rate rises since yesterday. The cost of 1 kina is now equal to 32.03 yen. The kina rate increased against yen by 0 hundredths of a percentage point.


Exchange rate Kina to Yen

A month ago, kina can be exchanged for 32.10 yen. Six months ago, kina could be sold for 32.02 yen. A year ago, kina could be sold for 33.55 yen. Chart of the exchange rate is on the page. Over the week, kina to yen exchange rate changed by 0.11%. -0.23% - change in the exchange rate of kina to yen per month.

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   Exchange rate kina (PGK) to Yen (JPY) live on Forex exchange market

Currency converter Kina Yen

Kina (PGK) to Yen (JPY)
1 kina 32.03 yen
5 kina 160.15 yen
10 kina 320.30 yen
25 kina 800.74 yen
50 kina 1 601.49 yen
100 kina 3 202.98 yen
250 kina 8 007.45 yen
500 kina 16 014.90 yen

If you have 10 kina, then in Japan you can buy 320.30 yen. If you have 800.74 yen, then in Japan they can be sold for 25 kina. Currency converter today for 50 kina gives 1 601.49 yen. If you have 3 202.98 yen, then in Japan they can be sold for 100 kina. If you have 8 007.45 yen, then in Japan you can buy 250 kina. You can buy 500 kina for 16 014.90 yen.

   Kina to Yen exchange rate

Kina to Yen today at 06 December 2019

Date Rate Change
07.12.2019 32.019767 0.056688 ↑
06.12.2019 31.963079 0.207431 ↑
05.12.2019 31.755649 -0.309226 ↓
04.12.2019 32.064875 -0.244604 ↓
03.12.2019 32.309479 0.348239 ↑

Kina to yen on 7 December 2019 is equal to 32.019767 yen. 6 December 2019, 1 kina = 31.963079 yen. 5 December 2019, 1 kina = 31.755649 yen. The maximum PGK/JPY exchange rate for the last month was on 03.12.2019. The minimum kina to yen exchange rate for the last month was on 05.12.2019.

   Kina to Yen exchange rate history

Kina and Yen currency symbols and countries

Kina currency symbol, Kina money sign: K. Kina State: Papua New Guinea. Kina currency code PGK. Kina Coin: toea.

Yen currency symbol, Yen money sign: ¥. Yen State: Japan. Yen currency code JPY. Yen Coin: sen.