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Convert kina to US dollar

kina to US dollar convertion. Kina price in US dollar today on currency exchange market.
10 Kina = 2.90 US dollar

Information on the conversion of the kina to US dollar is updated once a day. Currency exchange in official banks and online banks. This is a reference to the currency exchange rate. 1 kina has become more expensive by 0 US dollar. Kina exchange rate went up to US dollar. The cost of 1 kina is now equal to 0.29 US dollar.


Exchange rate Kina to US dollar

A month ago, kina could be sold for 0.29 US dollar. A year ago, kina can be exchanged for 0.30 US dollar. Five years ago, kina could be bought for 0.37 US dollar. Kina exchange rate to US dollar is convenient to see on the chart. The change of the exchange rate of kina to US dollar for the week is 1.62%. -2.5% - change in the exchange rate of kina to US dollar per year.

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   Exchange rate kina (PGK) to US dollar (USD) live on Forex exchange market

Currency converter Kina US dollar

Kina (PGK) to US dollar (USD)
10 kina 2.90 US dollar
50 kina 14.50 US dollar
100 kina 29 US dollar
250 kina 72.49 US dollar
500 kina 144.98 US dollar
1 000 kina 289.97 US dollar
2 500 kina 724.91 US dollar
5 000 kina 1 449.83 US dollar

Currency converter today for 10 kina gives 2.90 US dollar. Today, 25 kina can be bought for 7.25 US dollar. Today, 14.50 US dollar can be exchanged for 50 kina. Today, 29 US dollar can be bought for 100 kina. Converting 250 kina costs 72.49 US dollar. You can exchange 144.98 US dollar for 500 kina.

   Kina to US dollar exchange rate

Kina to US dollar today at 28 May 2020

Date Rate Change
28.05.2020 0.289585 0.004223 ↑
27.05.2020 0.285362 -0.000875 ↓
26.05.2020 0.286238 0.001113 ↑
25.05.2020 0.285125 0.000805 ↑
24.05.2020 0.28432 -

Today 500 PGK = 0.289585 USD. Kina to US dollar on 27 May 2020 is equal to 0.285362 US dollar. 26 May 2020, 1 kina costs 0.286238 US dollar. The maximum PGK/USD exchange rate in was on 28.05.2020. The minimum kina to US dollar rate in was on 24.05.2020.

   Kina to US dollar exchange rate history

Kina and US dollar currency symbols and countries

Kina currency symbol, Kina money sign: K. Kina State: Papua New Guinea. Kina currency code PGK. Kina Coin: toea.

US dollar currency symbol, US dollar money sign: $. US dollar State: the British Virgin Islands, the British Indian Ocean Territory, East Timor, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, the Northern Mariana Islands, USA, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Ecuador. US dollar currency code USD. US dollar Coin: cent.