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UN exchange rates data at 18/06/2021 16:52

Convert kina to Euro

kina to Euro convertion. Kina price in Euro today on currency exchange market.
10 Kina = 2.39 Euro

The exchange rate of kina to Euro has an average value from all sources. Information about the exchange of currency given from open sources. Banks are engaged in the transfer of kina into Euro. 1 Kina is now 0.24 Euro. Kina rate rises since yesterday. The kina rate increased against Euro by 0 hundredths of a percentage point.


Exchange rate Kina to Euro

A week ago, kina could be bought for 0.24 Euro. Six months ago, kina could be sold for 0.23 Euro. Five years ago, kina could be sold for 0.28 Euro. The exchange rate of the kina to Euro can be seen on the chart. 1.82% - change in the exchange rate of kina to Euro per week. -7.66% per year - the change in the exchange rate of kina.

Hour Day Week Month 3 months Year 10 years
   Exchange rate kina (PGK) to Euro (EUR) live on Forex exchange market

Currency converter Kina Euro

Kina (PGK) to Euro (EUR)
10 kina 2.39 Euro
50 kina 11.97 Euro
100 kina 23.93 Euro
250 kina 59.83 Euro
500 kina 119.67 Euro
1 000 kina 239.34 Euro
2 500 kina 598.34 Euro
5 000 kina 1 196.68 Euro

Today 2.39 EUR = 10 PGK. If you have 5.98 Euro, then in Austria they can be exchanged for 25 kina. Converting 50 kina costs 11.97 Euro. You can exchange 100 kina for 23.93 Euro. You can buy 59.83 Euro for 250 kina. You can sell 119.67 Euro for 500 kina.

   Kina to Euro exchange rate

Kina to Euro today at 18 June 2021

Date Rate Change
18.06.2021 0.238371 0.004464 ↑
17.06.2021 0.233908 -0.000999 ↓
15.06.2021 0.234907 0.003773 ↑
14.06.2021 0.231134 -0.00393 ↓
13.06.2021 0.235064 -

Kina to Euro on 18 June 2021 - 0.238371 Euro. Kina to Euro on 17 June 2021 is equal to 0.233908 Euro. Kina to Euro on 15 June 2021 is equal to 0.234907 Euro. The maximum kina to Euro exchange rate in was on 18.06.2021. The minimum PGK/EUR exchange rate for the last month was on 14.06.2021.

   Kina to Euro exchange rate history

Kina and Euro currency symbols and countries

Kina currency symbol, Kina money sign: K. Kina State: Papua New Guinea. Kina currency code PGK. Kina Coin: toea.

Euro currency symbol, Euro money sign: €. Euro State: Austria, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Andorra, Belgium, Vatican, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Finland, France, Montenegro, Estonia. Euro currency code EUR. Euro Coin: eurocent.