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Convert CFC franc to yen

CFC franc to yen convertion. CFC franc price in Yen today on currency exchange market.
10 CFC franc = 2.47 Yen

Average exchange rate. Exchange rates from CFC franc to yen from reliable databases. Updated currency rate information. 1 CFC franc has become more expensive by 0 yen. CFC franc exchange rate went up to yen. The cost of 1 CFC franc is now equal to 0.25 yen.


Exchange rate CFC franc to Yen

A week ago, CFC franc could be bought for 0.25 yen. Six months ago, CFC franc can be exchanged for 0.24 yen. Five years ago, CFC franc could be sold for 0.19 yen. Here is shown a chart of the exchange rate for different times. -0.97% - change in the exchange rate of CFC franc to yen per week. 1.45% per month - the change in the exchange rate of CFC franc.

Hour Day Week Month 3 months Year 10 years
   Exchange rate CFC franc (XAF) to Yen (JPY) live on Forex exchange market

Currency converter CFC franc Yen

CFC franc (XAF) to Yen (JPY)
10 CFC franc 2.47 yen
50 CFC franc 12.37 yen
100 CFC franc 24.74 yen
250 CFC franc 61.86 yen
500 CFC franc 123.72 yen
1 000 CFC franc 247.45 yen
2 500 CFC franc 618.62 yen
5 000 CFC franc 1 237.25 yen

Converting 10 CFC franc costs 2.47 yen. You can sell 25 CFC franc for 6.19 yen. Today 12.37 JPY = 50 XAF. If you have 24.74 yen, then in Japan they can be sold for 100 CFC franc. Currency converter today for 250 CFC franc gives 61.86 yen. Converting 500 CFC franc costs 123.72 yen.

   CFC franc to Yen exchange rate

CFC franc to Yen today at 29 February 2024

Date Rate Change
29.02.2024 0.24775 -0.000862 ↓
28.02.2024 0.248611 0.000726 ↑
27.02.2024 0.247885 -0.003277 ↓
26.02.2024 0.251162 -0.002674 ↓
25.02.2024 0.253837 -

Today at 29 February 2024, 1 CFC franc costs 0.24775 yen. CFC franc to yen on 28 February 2024 - 0.248611 yen. 27 February 2024, 1 CFC franc = 0.247885 yen. The maximum XAF/JPY exchange rate in was on 25.02.2024. The minimum CFC franc to yen rate for the last month was on 29.02.2024.

   CFC franc to Yen exchange rate history

CFC franc and Yen currency symbols and countries

CFC franc currency symbol, CFC franc money sign: Fr. CFC franc State: Gabon, Cameroon, Congo (Brazzaville), CAR, Chad, Equatorial Guinea. CFC franc currency code XAF. CFC franc Coin: centime.

Yen currency symbol, Yen money sign: ¥. Yen State: Japan. Yen currency code JPY. Yen Coin: sen.