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UN exchange rates data at 15/10/2019 05:30

Tala to Euro exchange rate

Tala to Euro exchange rate today. Tala value in Euro today.

Tala to Euro exchange rate today

1 tala (WST) equals 0.34 Euro (EUR)
1 Euro (EUR) equals 2.92 tala (WST)

The exchange of tala to Euro at the real exchange rate for today is October 15, 2019. Information from the source. The site shows the average value of the conversion of tala into Euro. All currency exchange operations in banks are done on the basis of this official tala to Euro exchange rate for today. Here is a free daily reference on currency exchange rates.

Foreign exchange rate updated 15/10/2019 according to the UN data.

1 tala is equal to 0.34 Euro in the European bank today. 1 tala rose by 0.00243 Euro today in a leading European bank. Tala exchange rate is higher relative to Euro according to European currency exchange rates. For 1 tala now you need to pay 0.34 Euro at the rate of a European bank.

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Tala to Euro exchange rate today at 15 October 2019

How the exchange rate of Tala to Euro over the past few days can be seen in our sample from the database shown in the table. Tala exchange rates for several days against Euro currency are given in the table on this page of the website For a profitable purchase of currency - compare the dynamics of the exchange rate in recent days. It is important to see not only the exchange rate for today, but also the rates for yesterday and the day before.

Date Rate Change
15.10.2019 0.342233 0.00243
14.10.2019 0.339803 0.000245
13.10.2019 0.339558 -0.00221
12.10.2019 0.341768 0.001046
11.10.2019 0.340722 -0.001828
Tala (WST)

10 tala at the exchange rate are equal to 3.40 Euro. The cost of 50 tala to Euro is now equal to 17. 100 tala are now worth 34 Euro. For 250 tala you need to pay 85 Euro. 1 tala is equal today to 0.34 Euro according to exchange rate of the national bank. 1 tala rose by 0.00243 Euro today according to exchange rate of the country's main bank.

10 WST 50 WST 100 WST 250 WST 500 WST 1 000 WST 2 500 WST 5 000 WST
3.40 EUR 17 EUR 34 EUR 85 EUR 170 EUR 340 EUR 850 EUR 1 700 EUR
Euro (EUR)

2.92 tala, the cost of 1 Euro at the exchange rate for today. 5 Euro at the exchange rate are 14.61 tala. 29.22 tala today costs 10 EUR at the exchange rate. 73.05 tala, the cost of 25 Euro at the exchange rate for today. Today, Tala exchange rate has risen against Euro. The cost of 1 tala today is 0.34 Euro, as the national bank of the country established.

1 EUR 5 EUR 10 EUR 25 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR 250 EUR 500 EUR
2.92 WST 14.61 WST 29.22 WST 73.05 WST 146.11 WST 292.22 WST 730.54 WST 1 461.08 WST