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UN exchange rates data at 24/06/2021 08:00

Saudi riyal to Euro exchange rate

Saudi riyal to Euro exchange rate today. Saudi riyal value in Euro today.

Saudi riyal to Euro exchange rate today

1 Saudi riyal (SAR) equals 0.22 Euro (EUR)
1 Euro (EUR) equals 4.47 Saudi riyal (SAR)

The real exchange rate for Saudi riyal to Euro today. Information on the value of Saudi riyal to Euro is updated once a day. Only official data on the exchange rate for our site are used. All currency exchange operations in banks are done on the basis of this official Saudi riyal to Euro exchange rate for today.

Foreign exchange rate updated 24/06/2021 according to the UN data.

1 Saudi riyal is today equal to 0.22 Euro in the European bank. 1 Saudi riyal has become cheaper by -0.000367 Euro today in the Bank of Europe. Saudi riyal exchange rate is going down against Euro according to Europe. For 1 Saudi riyal now you need to pay 0.22 Euro at the rate of a European bank.

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Saudi riyal to Euro exchange rate today at 24 June 2021

The dynamics of Saudi riyal to Euro over several days is shown in our table. Values of Saudi riyal to Euro for past days are shown in the table on the site. The website allows you to see exchange rates for today, 1 day ago, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, etc. Understanding the dynamics will give you the opportunity to understand the exchange rate of Saudi riyal to Euro for tomorrow.

Date Rate Change
24.06.2021 0.223083 -0.000367
23.06.2021 0.22345 -0.000974
22.06.2021 0.224425 -0.001364
21.06.2021 0.225788 0.000040210690638837
20.06.2021 0.225748 -
Saudi riyal (SAR)

The price of 10 Saudi riyal at the exchange rate is 2.24 Euro. The cost of 50 Saudi riyal to Euro is now equal to 11.18. To buy 100 Saudi riyal per Euro today you need to pay 22.35 EUR. The price of 250 Saudi riyal at the exchange rate is 55.88 Euro. 1 Saudi riyal is now 0.22 Euro at the official exchange rate. 1 Saudi riyal fell by -0.000367 Euro today according to exchange rate of the country's leading bank.

10 SAR 50 SAR 100 SAR 250 SAR 500 SAR 1 000 SAR 2 500 SAR 5 000 SAR
2.24 EUR 11.18 EUR 22.35 EUR 55.88 EUR 111.76 EUR 223.52 EUR 558.81 EUR 1 117.62 EUR
Euro (EUR)

1 Euro are now 4.47 Saudi riyal. 5 Euro at the exchange rate are 22.37 Saudi riyal. 10 Euro are now 44.74 Saudi riyal. For 25 EUR you need to pay 111.84 Saudi riyal. Today, Saudi riyal exchange rate fell against Euro. The cost of 1 Saudi riyal today is 0.22 Euro, as the national bank of the country established.

1 EUR 5 EUR 10 EUR 25 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR 250 EUR 500 EUR
4.47 SAR 22.37 SAR 44.74 SAR 111.84 SAR 223.69 SAR 447.38 SAR 1 118.45 SAR 2 236.90 SAR