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Euro to Bulgarian lev exchange rate

Euro to Bulgarian lev exchange rate today. Euro value in Bulgarian lev today.

Euro to Bulgarian lev exchange rate today

1 Euro (EUR) equals 1.96 Bulgarian lev (BGN)
1 Bulgarian lev (BGN) equals 0.51 Euro (EUR)

The site shows the average value of the conversion of Euro into Bulgarian lev. Currency rates are taken from reliable sources. Currency exchange is carried out in banks or banks online at the bank rate based on the official exchange rate displayed on this page. Here is a free daily reference on currency exchange rates.

Foreign exchange rate updated 23/11/2019

Money exchange Euro / Bulgarian lev currency conversion in Europe

1 Euro is today equal to 1.96 Bulgarian lev in the European bank. 1 Euro fell to -0.001863 Bulgarian lev today in a leading European bank. Today, Euro has depreciated against Bulgarian lev in Europe. The cost of 1 Euro today is equal to 1.96 Bulgarian lev, as the European bank of the country established.

1 EUR = 1.96 BGN
1 BGN = 0.51 EUR
ECB currency exchange rates updated 22/11/2019
Convert Euro to Bulgarian lev Euro to Bulgarian lev live on Forex exchange market Euro to Bulgarian lev exchange rate history

Euro to Bulgarian lev exchange rate today at 22 November 2019

Euro exchange rates for several days against Bulgarian lev currency are given in the table on this page of the website Compare yourself or see the help information with comparing the exchange rate of Euro to Bulgarian lev. It is important to see not only the exchange rate for today, but also the rates for yesterday and the day before. Predict the exchange rate of Euro to Bulgarian lev for tomorrow, based on data on the value of the exchange these days.

Date Rate Change
22.11.2019 1.955115 -0.001863
21.11.2019 1.956978 0.000356
20.11.2019 1.956623 0.001016
19.11.2019 1.955607 -0.000513
18.11.2019 1.956119 -
Euro (EUR)

The cost of 1 Euro to Bulgarian lev is now equal to 1.96. 5 Euro are now worth 9.78 Bulgarian lev. 19.55 Bulgarian lev today costs 10 Euro at the exchange rate. 25 Euro are now worth 48.88 Bulgarian lev. 1 Euro today is 1.96 Bulgarian lev according to exchange rate of the national bank. 1 Euro fell by -0.001863 Bulgarian lev today according to exchange rate of the country's main bank.

1 EUR 5 EUR 10 EUR 25 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR 250 EUR 500 EUR
1.96 BGN 9.78 BGN 19.55 BGN 48.88 BGN 97.76 BGN 195.51 BGN 488.78 BGN 977.56 BGN
Bulgarian lev (BGN)

To buy 10 Bulgarian lev for Euro today you need to pay 5.11 EUR. 50 Bulgarian lev at the exchange rate are 25.57 Euro. For 100 BGN you need to pay 51.15 Euro. 127.87 Euro today costs 250 BGN at the exchange rate. Euro exchange rate is going down against Bulgarian lev. 1 Euro now costs 1.96 Bulgarian lev - the exchange rate of the national bank.

10 BGN 50 BGN 100 BGN 250 BGN 500 BGN 1 000 BGN 2 500 BGN 5 000 BGN
5.11 EUR 25.57 EUR 51.15 EUR 127.87 EUR 255.74 EUR 511.48 EUR 1 278.70 EUR 2 557.39 EUR