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UN exchange rates data at 19/10/2020 23:00

Nakfa to Euro exchange rate

Nakfa to Euro exchange rate today. Nakfa value in Euro today.

Nakfa to Euro exchange rate today

1 nakfa (ERN) equals 0.056653 Euro (EUR)
1 Euro (EUR) equals 17.65 nakfa (ERN)

The real exchange rate for nakfa to Euro today. Information on the value of Nakfa to Euro is updated once a day. The exchange rate shown on this page is the exchange rate established officially for today October 19, 2020 according to the results of exchange trading. A daily updated free currency exchange rate statement is available on this site.

Foreign exchange rate updated 20/10/2020 according to the UN data.

1 nakfa is now equal to 0.056653 Euro. The official exchange rate of the Bank of Europe. 1 nakfa fell to -0.00004391103770595 Euro today in a leading European bank. Today, Nakfa has depreciated against Euro in Europe. The cost of 1 nakfa today is equal to 0.056653 Euro, as the European bank of the country established.

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Nakfa to Euro exchange rate today at 19 October 2020

The table contains exchange rate values for recent days. Compare the exchange rate of Nakfa to Euro over the past few days to understand the dynamics of the exchange rate. The website allows you to see exchange rates for today, 1 day ago, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, etc. Predict the exchange rate of Nakfa to Euro for tomorrow, based on data on the value of the exchange these days.

Date Rate Change
20.10.2020 0.056747 -0.00004391103770595
19.10.2020 0.056791 -0.000017815780035069
18.10.2020 0.056809 -0.00000027268081498333
17.10.2020 0.056809 -0.000345
15.10.2020 0.057154 0.000714
Nakfa (ERN)

100 nakfa are now worth 5.67 Euro. To buy 500 nakfa per Euro today you need to pay 28.33 EUR. 1 000 nakfa are now worth 56.65 Euro. 2 500 nakfa are now worth 141.63 Euro. 1 nakfa is equal today to 0.056653 Euro according to exchange rate of the national bank. 1 nakfa fell by -0.00004391103770595 Euro today at the exchange rate of the country's main bank.

100 ERN 500 ERN 1 000 ERN 2 500 ERN 5 000 ERN 10 000 ERN 25 000 ERN 50 000 ERN
5.67 EUR 28.33 EUR 56.65 EUR 141.63 EUR 283.27 EUR 566.53 EUR 1 416.33 EUR 2 832.65 EUR
Euro (EUR)

1 Euro at the exchange rate are 17.65 nakfa. For 5 EUR you need to pay 88.26 nakfa. The cost of 10 Euro in nakfa is now equal to 10. 441.28 nakfa today costs 25 EUR at the exchange rate. Today, Nakfa exchange rate fell against Euro. The cost of 1 nakfa today is 0.056653 Euro, as the national bank of the country established.

1 EUR 5 EUR 10 EUR 25 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR 250 EUR 500 EUR
17.65 ERN 88.26 ERN 176.51 ERN 441.28 ERN 882.56 ERN 1 765.13 ERN 4 412.82 ERN 8 825.64 ERN