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BitCoin price updated: 01/12/2022 02:30

Swiss franc to bitcoin exchange rate

Swiss franc to BitCoin exchange rate today. Swiss franc value in Bitcoin today.

Swiss franc to BitCoin exchange rate today

1 Swiss franc (CHF) equals 0.000062157726740836 bitcoins (BTC)
1 bitcoin (BTC) equals 16 088.10 Swiss franc (CHF)

The cost of Swiss franc in bitcoin today, the real exchange rate. The currency exchange rate has an average value per day according to the results of trading on the exchange and is set for the whole day by the national bank. The currency exchange rate today is the basis for banks to determine their exchange rate. Choose banks with a favorable exchange rate. Here is a free daily reference on currency exchange rates.

Foreign exchange rate updated 2 bitcoin exchange markets on 01/12/2022
Swiss franc exchange rate Bitcoin exchange rate online today Bitcoin price history in 2022
Exchange Market Maximal Minimal Average rate
kraken 0.000064065452883471 BTC 0.000060983626054329 BTC 0.000062203849884551 BTC
cex 0.000063875229941962 BTC 0.000061059729485282 BTC 0.000062111671945565 BTC
Bitcoin - peering electronic payment system that uses the same name for the unit of accounting. It is also called "digital currency" or "cryptographic currency".
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1 Swiss franc is now 0.000062157726740836 bitcoin in Europe. 1 Swiss franc rose by 0 bitcoin today in the main bank of Europe. Swiss franc exchange rate is growing today against bitcoin according to European data. Today, 1 Swiss franc costs 0.000062157726740836 bitcoin in a European bank.

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The dynamics of Swiss franc to bitcoin over several days is shown in our table. In the table of the exchange of Swiss franc to bitcoin, it is convenient to see Swiss franc exchange rates for several days. Compare exchange rates for today, yesterday, and last days to determine the rate of growth or fall of the selected currency. The website allows you to see exchange rates for today, 1 day ago, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, etc.

Swiss franc (CHF)

For 100 000 Swiss franc you need to pay 6.22 bitcoin. To buy 500 000 Swiss franc per bitcoin today you need to pay 31.08 BTC. 62.16 bitcoin today costs 1 000 000 Swiss franc at the exchange rate. The price of 2 500 000 Swiss franc at the exchange rate is 155.39 bitcoin. 1 Swiss franc is now 0.000062157726740836 bitcoin at the official exchange rate. 1 Swiss franc has become more expensive by 0 bitcoin today according to exchange rate of the country's bank.

100 000 CHF 500 000 CHF 1 000 000 CHF 2 500 000 CHF 5 000 000 CHF 10 000 000 CHF 25 000 000 CHF 50 000 000 CHF
6.22 BTC 31.08 BTC 62.16 BTC 155.39 BTC 310.79 BTC 621.58 BTC 1 553.94 BTC 3 107.89 BTC
Bitcoin (BTC)

To buy 1 bitcoin for Swiss franc today you need to pay 16 088.10 CHF. To buy 5 bitcoin for Swiss franc today you need to pay 80 440.52 CHF. 10 bitcoin at the exchange rate are 160 881.04 Swiss franc. 25 bitcoin at the exchange rate are 402 202.61 Swiss franc. Swiss franc exchange rate is up today against bitcoin. 1 Swiss franc now costs 0.000062157726740836 bitcoin - the exchange rate of the national bank.

1 BTC 5 BTC 10 BTC 25 BTC 50 BTC 100 BTC 250 BTC 500 BTC
16 088.10 CHF 80 440.52 CHF 160 881.04 CHF 402 202.61 CHF 804 405.22 CHF 1 608 810.44 CHF 4 022 026.11 CHF 8 044 052.22 CHF